MUST SEE Classes!

We have grouped our classes so they are easier to understand. The MUST SEE Classes are simply the ones that you should do regardless of your experience level or your plans to continue onto other classes and courses. These are extremely good value with a lot of info crammed into them to ensure everyone gets maximum knowledge and the best experience possible. The most important MUST SEE class is Tuning101, because its the compulsory start up class for everyone. More MUST SEE classes such as Know Your ECU, will be rolled out in the coming months.



This class is packed full of info and takes a broad look at all the important fundamentals of ECU related performance without going too deep into the technical. We will cover everything to do with tuning, dynos, ECU’s, software, brands, features and general engine performance. We focus on concepts and the big picture first up, so regardless of your experience, Tuning101 is a must and will set you up well for your next classes. If you don’t plan on more classes, this will give you a rare and valuable insight into all things Engine Management, helping to build your knowledge and assist with future performance decisions. Use your Free $200 Voucher for discounts and offers on the night.

Upcoming Events

  • Dyno your own car at the class!
  • Engine Performance, Fuels, ECU controlled systems
  • How Dynos Work, Types, Demonstrations
  • ECU’s, Inputs, Outputs, Software, firmware
  • Tuning, why and how, Demonstrations
  • Comparing brands and platforms, Flash V Real Time
  • Road V Dyno tuning, Datalogging, testing tools,

Learn Your ECU

This is a class dedicated to specific ECU types and functions. This is important due to the different brand software and functionality. This class is suggested to be done toward the middle of a course to get maximum benefit. This does not teach tuning principals but instead gives you key advice and techniques to use of the software, screens, keys, logging and how to understand function control and menus. This is not compulsory but strongly recommended. Please ensure we can contact you by signing up to our Mailing List if this class is of interest to you.

  • Brand specific classes
  • How to setup software
  • Menus, Screens and layouts
  • Datalogging and analysis
  • Hot keys and tuning functions


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